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Case Study 1 – Jane and John (married couple in their 40s) Plan to Reduce Taxes and Increase Income Using Charity

Case Study for Jane Doe Age 40, married, two children 7 and 9, personal injury attorney with her own private practice (service business).   Jane has consulted her advisor to help her focus on and determine her objectives. Jane’s Objectives: Additional future income of $4,500 per month to Endow at Jane’s age 65 Pay less income […]

Case Study 2 – Mike, 50, uses closely held corporate stock to reduce taxes and increase his future retirement endowment using charity

Mike owns 100% of the stock in a closely held corporation worth $4 million.  Over the years, the corporation has accumulated retained earnings in excess of $1 million.  Michael’s objective is to reduce accumulated earnings in a manner that doesn’t create taxable income to himself.  He has consulted his advisor who has suggested that he […]

Case Study 3 – Jack and Diane, both aged 70, contribute a summer home to increase their income and pay less tax using charity

Jack and Diane received a brochure from their favorite charity offering them a Charitable Gift Annuity.   After consulting with their advisor, they decided to gift a non-cash asset to their favorite charity using a Gift Annuity.   The asset is a summer home purchased 25 years ago for $100,000, that is appraised at $350,000 today.   Since […]