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Welcome to our FAQ page!   Here, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions about Tax Code 664 and Endowment Engineers.

What is Tax Code 664?

Tax Code 664 relates to charitable remainder trusts, offering tax benefits and income streams while ultimately benefiting a charity.

It allows you to donate assets, receive income for a set period or a lifetime, and the remainder goes to your chosen charity.

Benefits include potential income tax deductions, avoidance of upfront capital gains tax, and estate tax benefits.

Yes, it can provide an income stream in retirement and ultimately supporting charitable causes.

It’s best for those with charitable goals and significant assets, but personal consultation with an Endowment Engineer is recommended.

Begin by consulting with your financial advisor or an Endowment Engineer.

Common assets contributed to a Charitable Remainder Trust include cash and non-cash assets that can be appraised for tax purposes, i.e., stocks, real estate, and personal property.

Your designated charity(s) receive the remainder of the trust, which can significantly support their missions.

An annuity trust provides fixed income, while a unitrust offers income that varies with the trust’s value.

Yes, you can designate multiple beneficiaries in your charitable remainder trust.

As with any financial planning tool, risks include market volatility and changes in tax laws.

Visit the Endowment Engineers tab for a definition of the profession.

Go to our listing of members of the Society of Endowment Engineers at Find An Advisor.

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