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WHY DOES SECTION 664 AND SOCIAL SECHARITY SOUND LIKE SOCIAL SECURITY? We want people to recognize the similarity. They are similar in function but different in outcome.   SOCIAL SECHARITY Social benefit Enacted by the US Congress more than 50 years ago Voluntary gift to create personal income Leaves everything in your community Meant to supplement […]

Charitable Giving Meets Wealth Planning: The Altruistic Edge of 664

This blog post explores the harmonious intersection of charitable giving and personal wealth management through Tax Code 664. It illuminates how individuals can not only grow their wealth but also contribute significantly to their favorite causes. We’ll discuss how 664 plans offer a unique opportunity for philanthropically-minded individuals to make a lasting impact while enjoying […]

664 Advisors: Pioneers in Modern Wealth Management

The world of financial advising is evolving, and 664 advisors are at the forefront. This post highlights the emerging role of these specialists in contemporary wealth management. Learn about their unique approach to financial planning that merges savvy investment strategies with philanthropic goals, creating a new paradigm in financial advisory services.