Save Taxes and Increase Income Using Charity… Social Secharity™  

An Endowment Engineer can help you use Social Secharity™ if….

  • You own highly appreciated assets yielding low income and the sale of which will create a tax. 
  • You need to reduce your income tax for the current year. 
  • You need to create more income for your retirement endowment. 
  • You need to pass your estate with less tax.
  • You need to diversify because you are highly concentrated in a closely held business. 

Case examples using Social Secharity™ (section 664 of the tax code):

  • Jane and John, a married couple in their 40s, reduce their taxes and increase income using charity (Case Study 1)
  • Mike, 50, uses closely held corporate stock to reduce taxes and increase his future retirement endowment using charity (Case Study 2)
  • Jack and Diane, both age 70, contribute a summer home to increase their income and pay less tax using charity (Case Study 3)

Check our case study tab for these and new case studies. 


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Case Study 1 – Jane and John (married couple in their 40s) Plan to Reduce Taxes and Increase Income Using Charity

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Case Study 3 – Jack and Diane, both aged 70, contribute a summer home to increase their income and pay less tax using charity

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